Our Pastor Rev. Dr. Michelle Nickens wins national award!

    The Mixon Award will be presented to the Rev. Dr. Michelle Nickens, Senior Pastor of the Washington Plaza Baptist Church in Reston VA.  This award is given to an individual clergyperson whose worked has helped to increase the inclusion of sexual minorities within Baptist bodies and has served to advance the cause of justice by educating congregations and organizations about sexual minority and gender identity issues.

    Nominating church member Zita Rose wrote: “Rev. Nickens has a passion to educate others about the plight of the LGBTQ+ community, to work towards equality for them and to preserve and expand that has thus far been gained.  She is an educator, an advocate, an author and a playwright. I believe her considerable experience along with her advocacy, honesty, forthrightness, inspiration and encouragement concerning the LGBTQ+ community make her a prime candidate for this award.”